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Add 2fa to windows login

It’s too easy to break into a windows machine if you have a local account setup.
I was like what if I could setup a 2fa for my windows machine…I found out you can.

Since I did this a year ago a ceo friend of mine saw my setup and told me he wants that…so I set him up as well and he loves it. Took me 5 to 10 min.

You can also setup yubikey for offline login which is what I originally wanted.

Set it up with duo push for online login then for offline login set it up for yubikey.

What duo push does is sends you a push notification instead of text or a code…makes it easy af.

I watched this video

Here are the how to instructions (real easy)
How to Enable MFA on Windows Logon with DUO - YouTube

I talk on my channel about enabling multi-factor authentication for cloud services such as Microsoft 365. But have you ever considered MFA for logging onto y...

12 days ago

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